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Regional FM 91.3 broadcasts its programs and decorates its playlists for a socially and culturally diverse audience. This radio station likely offers a mix of content to cater to its audience. This could include music spanning various genres, such as pop, hits, sertaneja, Brazilian music (MPB), and more. As Brazil has its own beautiful tradition of music and culture, Regional FM 91.3 most of the time tries to play songs and arrange programs that represent its own tradition of music and culture. I hope you enjoy this radio, where they return to the traditional FM where you could listen to Music.


FaceBook: regionalfm91.3

Language: Português

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +55 35 99819-9191

WhatsApp: +35998199191

Address: Rua Maria Amélia Cereda – 14 – Progresso

Frequency: 91.3 MHz FM

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