Radio Prahova 99.2 FM


About Radio Prahova 99.2 FM

Here you are listening to live RPh, Ala of FM, with the best DJi freaks and music as you want!…
Plus 18 other radios with the most diverse musical genres.
Radio Prahova have musics not to get bored for a second! US, your soul!
Plus 18 radios Online, fixed with what you like: love, Sensual, chillout, dance, Clubbin, classic rock, hard ‘ n ‘ heavy, folk, pop-rock, gold, ‘ 90, black, hot, RO, lightweight, for party, World, party. The party, not the Manele!
Well-chosen music, no commercials, no more talk.
And the list must remain open.

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Twitter: rphro


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Listen live Romania famous radio Radio Prahova 99.2 FM live streaming on Live Online Radio and find the best

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