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1989, year of establishment and operation, or if you want the baptism of air for the first private radio station in town. Year starting a dynamic course on the airwaves of the private radio station called “RADIO Meteora” located in the beautiful city of Kalambaka and the frequency of 90,3 MHZ much loved. foothills of the stone state and the Monastic Community of the Holy Meteora, born the first radio station in the province of Kalambaka and since then continuously gives his own battle for proper and timely information and entertainment to great audiences. dominant members of management and all employees, was and remains the promotion of solutions to the problems over the place for the further development perspective, upgrading the living level of residents while respecting the principles and values ​​of democracy and the protection of the natural environment, and especially the unique worldwide monument of Meteora and the rest of the region and the county in general. Radio Meteora official website address is

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