Radio Aquarela FM 88.5

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About Radio Aquarela FM 88.5

Welcome to Radio Aquarela FM 88.5! The coolest station with the best pop and Vrh 40 music Find the best company for your days to relax and enjoy your favorite songs. Refresh yourself by tuning in to the radio! Radio Aquarela FM 88.5 station was founded on October 2, 2007. The Playlist of this radio station is consolidated by great differentials. With an audience that remains faithful and confers credibility and consistency, Aquarela FM is committed to always being up to date with the main national and international events in music, as well as being present at the most important events in the city and in the Southwest: concerts, cultural and sporting events, festivals, and parties.


FaceBook: aquarelafm88.5

Language: Português


Contact Number: +55 46 3543-2679

WhatsApp: +46999333001

Address: Av. Bruno Zution, 2912, Centro, Realeza – Paraná / Caixa Postal 101, Realeza, PR, Brazil

Frequency: Paraná, 88.5 MHz FM

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