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Old Time Radio CFRG is the subsequent station established by Colorado Free Radio Group. The affection for OTR (Old Time Radio) has consistently been solid in John’s heart. Recollections of going on long street outings and late around evening time getting transmissions of OTR shows from far off stations on the west coast, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico added to the persona of travels. So after CFR was set up John began to make Old Time Radio CFR, requiring a subsequent PC and making the worker was the simple part. The crucial step was going through at any rate two years ordering OTRCFR’s playlist and the exertion proceeds. Right up ’til today, OTRCFR can brag the biggest OTR playlist on the web wireless transmissions. Containing shows from numerous types, for example, Suspense, SciFi, Adventure, Comedy, Horror, Super Heroes, Drama and considerably more. You can discover all the top choices and some extremely dark shows most in their total verbose structure. OTR CFR additionally presents music and news projects from the time of radio just as authentic occasions recorded in the archives of history from the age when radio was best.

Contact Details

Website: coloradofreeradiogroup.com

Contact Number:970 247 2036

Address: 10238 Highway 550 Durango, Colorado 81303

Žanri: Comedy, Drama, Oldies, Retro

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