Morada FM 88.9

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About Morada FM 88.9

Everyone enjoys music; it is a part of life. Morada FM 88.9 provides a twenty-four-hour mix of several genres and styles of music. The station plays all the music you love while striving to keep up with the desires of its listeners. This Radio station presents 24 hours of nonstop pop and top 40 music. They love to give you more fun entertainment by means of audio and internet connection. Wherever you are, you’re number one only here on Morada FM 88.9. Enjoy a program made so that you can listen to those themes that marked your lives. The themes with which you spent your youth, with which you met someone, and with which you began a journey.


Language: Português

Frequency: Ponta Porã, 88.9 MHz FM

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