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Twenty-four hours a day, Modelo FM 91.5 offers a variety of musical genres and styles. The station tries to satisfy the needs of its listeners while playing all the songs you enjoy. This radio station plays pop and Vrh 40 songs nonstop for 24 hours. Through internet connections, they enjoy providing you with more enjoyable entertainment. On Modelo FM 91.5, you are the top listener no matter where you are. Enjoy a program that was created so you may hear about the subjects that affected your lives. The themes that defined your formative years, the people you encountered, and the goals you set out to achieve.


Instagram: modelofm91.5

Language: Português

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +(49) 3365.3294

Address: R. do Comércio, 1129 – Centro, Modelo – SC, 89872-000

Frequency: Modelo, 91.5 MHz FM

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