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With a contemporary program concept broadcast their own programs 24 hours but 16 letih. That’s what a cult radio is one of the most listened radio in the city of Varazdin and Varazdin, is due to modern technical organization that provides our earshot and of County and part of Krapina-Zagorje, Slovenia and Hungary, our task is to inform, educate and entertain listeners . The program is based on good music, foreign and local performers, short and dynamic information, and in the first place, as a novelty, we have business news, economy, finance and capital markets. In an effort to offer our listeners even more, in addition to the monitoring of events in our area, and themselves participate in their design and implementation in cooperation with the financial, kulturni, sporting and social institutions as well as commercial entities. CULT radio – your partner for media promotion! As we pointed out in our program, your activity and gave her a special place that deserves a personal approach for advertising plan, depending on the wishes of clients and industries. Primary was broadcast, which is fixed above 25,000, age between 20 in 60 letih, with 80% of employees, and that this age group is most common among consumers.
Kult Radio official website address is www.kultradio.hr

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