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Hype FM 107.3, an award-winning radio station in Zambia. It is a pioneer in entrepreneurship and health based shows in the country. Offering a unique blend of informative content and engaging programming. As the country’s first radio station of its kind, it provides valuable insights for business owners and health-conscious listeners.
Hype FM is located in Kitwe and is licensed to broadcast to the Copperbelt and surrounding areas on 107.3 FM. It is also available to the rest of the world via radio directories like “liveonlineradio.net”.

Focus of Hype FM 107.3

Hype FM is Zambia’s first entrepreneurship and health-focused radio station, founded with the goal of accelerating entrepreneur growth and people’s wellness in the region by providing access to health information via radio.


Our primary target audiences are young urban adults who embrace a pragmatic and successful lifestyle in order to actively transform with their constantly changing environment.

Website: hypefmzambia.com

Email: [email protected]

FaceBook: Hype107.3FM

Instagram: hypefmzambia

Language: English

Contact Number: +260764624777

WhatsApp: +260764624777

Address: 61 A, Freedom avenue, Parklands, Kitwe, Zambia.

Frequency: 107.3 FM

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