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Cartersville spoke and we LISTENED! Over the last few months, Cartersville Radio have been asking the public what they want out of a local radio station. The number one response we received? Local focus. A radio station that focuses on the county it resides in- not just the big corporations or news stories, but the small details: Local events. Job postings. Yard sales. Churches. New businesses. Announcements. Sales. The things that make a community tick. Over the next few weeks, Cartersville Radio will be rolling out major changes to create Cartersville Radio. Cartersville Radio want this to be YOUR station. Cartersville Radio will also be introducing our new afternoon show, starting June 9th! Radioactive will be Monday through Friday, 4 p.m. until 8p.m. Instead of the 100% talk format of the past, Radioactive will be your local news, vreme, and traffic mixed in with our most requested addition: Glasba! Stay tuned for more details on Radioactive. Cartersville Radio are super excited about the changes coming.
We welcome you to Cartersville Radio- Your station.
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