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78 Rock Radio is a popular Brazilian radio station based in Rio de Janeiro. It is known for its focus on rock music and caters to rock enthusiasts and fans in Brazil. The station plays a wide variety of skala genres, including classic rock, alternative rock, hard rock, in heavy metal. 78 Rock Radio offers a platform for both established and emerging rock artists, featuring their music and promoting their work. The station also provides information about rock concerts, festivals, and events happening in Brazil and around the world. As a dedicated rock station, this radio station may feature rock-related news, interviews with rock musicians, and discussions about rock culture and history. It aims to provide an engaging and immersive experience for rock fans, sharing their passion for the genre.

Spletna stran: 78rockradio.com.br

Twitter: @78rockradio

Instagram: 78rockradio

YouTube: 78RockRadio

Jezik: Português

E-naslov: 78rockradio@gmail.com

Žanri: Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Rock

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