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For greater than fifty years KOZI has been North Central Washington’s Community Station. Start your day with the modern nearby news, vreme, posel, and Ag news, plus sports, and headlines from across the nation. Stay with KOZI all day for a track from the ’70s via today, minutiaelities contests, and as a lot light-hearted a laugh as we will squeeze in. In the summertime season months, They carry you all of the present-day wildfire info in North Central Washington.

Kontaktni podatki

Spletna stran: www.kozi.com

FaceBook: kozicommunityradio

Twitter: KOZIRadio

Wikipedija: KOZI_(AM)

E-naslov: kozi@kozi.com

Kontaktna številka: +1 509-682-4033

Naslov: 123 E Johnson Ave Chelan, WA 98816

Frequency: 1230 AM

Žanri: Odrasli sodobni, Skupnosti, Novice, Šport

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