Sandoz82 TechnoChannel Radio


About Sandoz82 TechnoChannel Radio

Sandoz82 TechnoChannel Radio is an online radio station that plays various techno music from Germany and around the world. It was founded in 2018 by Sandoz82, a DJ and producer who loves techno and electronic music. Sandoz82 Techno features different techno subgenres, such as minimal, hard, acid, and trance. It also showcases new and upcoming techno artists and DJs, as well as classic techno hits and mixes. The Radio is on air for a few hours every day via the internet across the globe. Sandoz82 TechnoChannel Radio’s mission is to share the passion and energy of techno music with the listeners and to create a global techno community.

YouTube: sandoz82-technochannel53

Language: German

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