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An online radio station in which every day a lot of music sounds, with current rhythms for all tastes. Information spaces, interviews, gatherings, and a lot of entertainment are also offered. It arrives from Penedo in the province of Alagoas and the world.

Интернет сайт: www.oparanews.com.br

FaceBook: Opara News

Twitter: @Site_OparaNews

Язык: Português

Эл. адрес: contato@oparanews.com.br

Контактный номер: +55 82 9802-4371

Адрес: Condomínio Maurício de Nassau, Penedo, AL, Бразилия

Страна: Бразилия

Жанры: / / /

заявка: Web Radio Opara News App

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