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Smart Radio Altro broadcasts 24/7, they play nonstop music, Dance, Rock, Pop, Indie, Adult Contemporary etc music live on the internet. Having quality internet connection listeners can enjoy a well-organized playlist from anywhere in the world at any place with Smart Radio Altro. To make the youth connected with the music world they decorate their playlist with songs that youth will love. It is a radio created with the aim of sharing good times, listening to the best music, and keeping this radio listeners informed.


FaceBook: smartradioofficial

Твиттер: @SmartRadioRo

Instagram: smartradioofficial

YouTube: @smartradio4968

Language: Română


Contact Number: +40 747 332 200

Address: Gheorghe Polizu, 58-60

Жанры: Adult Contemporary, Dance, Indie, Pop, Rock

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