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Ratnagiri Fresh FM 103.9 is an online radio station that plays Marathi and Hindi songs for music lovers. It broadcasts from Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, and lets you enjoy non-stop film songs in different languages. Whether you want to listen to old classics or new hits, Ratnagiri Fresh has something for everyone. Tune in and discover the best of Marathi and Hindi music with Ratnagiri Fresh FM 103.9. You can also listen to romantic songs, heart touching songs, and silent songs that will soothe your mind. Its playlists feature the latest Bollywood hits, as well as classic songs from both Hindi and Marathi cinema.

Website: zeno.fm/ratnagiri-fresh-fm-103

Language: Marathi, Hindi

Address: Ratnagiri, India

Frequency: 103.9 ФМ

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