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Stajerski Val is the oldest Slovenian radio station is of special importance, once known as Radio Pangea Jelsah. В 60 years we have built a respectable Slovenian media that the regions 03 а также 02 one of the most listened to. Stajerski Val program is based on the tradition that being upgraded with modern media approaches. Playing the music of Stajerski Val own Phonotheque, which is one of the richest in Slovenia, and Stajerski Val are aware of our role as the most important informant in the environment because they directly monitor developments in more than 20 municipalities in the region. Listeners in Stajerski Val informational, культурный, развлекательная программа, образовательный, religious, children’s and other programs feel the pulse of their sites by other media often ignore. In six decades, its media path when Stajerski Val started many, many strikes us continue today.

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