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Radio Shima FM is a radio station based in Rumonge, Бурунди. The station broadcasts a variety of music, including Burundian traditional music. As well as news and talk shows about Burundian культура and society. The station’s founders wanted to create a radio station that would promote Burundian culture and provide a platform for the voices of Burundians. Radio Shima FM is a valuable resource for anyone interested in Burundian Music, culture or news. The station’s music programming is top-notch, and its news and talk shows provide an informative and engaging look at Burundian life.

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Эл. адрес:

Язык: английский

Контактный номер: +257 68 09 32 00

Адрес: Gihwanya, Rumonge, Бурунди

Frequency: 95.9 FM

Жанры: Культура, Музыка, Новости, Разговаривать

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