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Existing songs as well as the good legendary ones get their place in the day long playlists of Radio Jazz 89.1 – Legends. This kinds of programs approach makes it the type of radio which guaranties good programs for their desired listeners. Through Jazz 89.1 – Legends listeners can dig deep in the world of music around the clock.

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FaceBook: RadioJAZZ89.1FM

Instagram: radiojazz89.1fm

Википедия: Джаз 89.1

Язык: Russian

Контактный номер: +7 (495) 925 04-49

Адрес: ул. Народного Ополчения, 39, к.2

Play Store: Radio Jazz 89.1

App Store: Radio Jazz 89.1

Страна: Россия

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заявка: Radio Jazz 89.1 – Legends App

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