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Радио Азия 94.7 FM is an element of Radio Asia Network, it is a primary Malayalam stereo place inside the Gulf. Based out of the UAE, Radio Asia has grown with the masses since it begun airing in 1992, today making it the most widely accepted Malayalam radio station in the UAE and Gulf area. The station also has a substantial set of dedicated audiences, that reside in Qatar, Оман, Кувейт, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Known for its impressive as well as differentiated selection of
On-air content. Радио Азия 94.7 FM entertains the local Malayalee population with blend of unmatched attentive topics, with well-liked musical truths, news and of course music.

Радио Азия 94.7 Адрес официального сайта FM: www.radioasiauae.com

Frequency: 94.7 FM

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