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FM Khovar provides its listeners with the most important news about Tajikistan and the world every half an hour. In addition, this radio is available to listeners around the world, thanks to broadcasting on the website of NIAT “Khovar”

Интернет сайт: khovar.tj

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/NIATKHOVAR

Язык: тоҷикӣ

Эл. адрес: niat@khovar.tj

Контактный номер: +9922232383

Адрес: 734018 Dushanbe, Таджикистан

Frequency: Dushanbe, 101.5 MHz FM

Страна: Таджикистан

Жанры: /

заявка: ХОВАР App

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