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Чувство музыки, broadcast on Radio Ambiance FM 96.3 (Гаити) and worldwide. The radio broadcast reaches 70% of the national territory, which allows Finyou to be heard in homes and cars all over the country from 5 к 19 часы. Every Thursday, Пятница, суббота, thousands of listeners. The whole world connects to listen to Bruno Nicolson or Finyou’s nickname and provide them with useful tips, latest songs and current affairs discussions. As such, FEELING MUSICAL is widely recognized as a resource for many Haitians, Americans of Haitian descent and other foreign audiences.

Контактная информация

Интернет сайт: feeling-musical

Эл. адрес: brnnclsn@gmail.com

Контактный номер: +50938592474

Адрес: #21 Boulevard Jn Jacques Dessalines

Страна: Гаити


заявка: Feeling Musical App



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