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The programs of External Services are so designed as to venture Pakistan’s standpoint on home and overseas coverage issues. Another unique intention of those offerings is to disseminate information approximately the art, культура, history, values and manner of existence of its humans amongst overseas listeners to generate emotions of friendship, goodwill and mutual knowledge which assist create surroundings of peace and calmness and make co-lifestyles viable withinside the region.

Интернет сайт: www.radio.gov.pk

FaceBook: Radio Pakistan External Services

Twitter: Радио Пакистан

Википедия: Радио Пакистан

Язык: اُردُو

Эл. адрес: webdesk@radio.gov.pk

Контактный номер: +92 51 9209602

Адрес: G-5, Constitutional Avenue, Исламабад, Пакистан

Страна: Пакистан

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