Круто 93

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Круто 93 Fm is a 24-hours private FM radio station in Thailand. It broadcasts on 93 FM in Bangkok. It started its official transmission in September 22, 2006. Its programme include country and international news, country songs, Thai songs, Band songs, weather updates, обновления трафика, так далее.
This is a very popular radio station in this country and it’s all about entertainment. Круто 93 FM tries their best to play what their listeners would like to listen. The playlists of Cool Fahrenheit 93 contains various genres of music, like pop & рок; рэп; хип-хоп; транс; электро-хаус; country music; так далее. Так, be with Cool 93 and get entertained 24/7.

Круто 93 Fm Official Website is www.coolism.net

Страна: Таиланд

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