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Brumas become born as a communicative alternative and as a need to suggest new and opportunity advantages of radio communications thru the net, a task proposed to start the Gentile of the humans of Borota an Andean nook complete of paramos, mists, and remarkable humans, pleasant respectful however particularly full of adventurous spirit, in these small terroir kids of this city had a vision of an idea that became as soon as to grow to be a reality, every concept generates a situation, which leads to the manufacture of other ideas and so different mind, is whilst this mission arises, the founders of radio in Borota thru the internet.

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FaceBook: brumasfm.orozco

Twitter: BrumasF

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Контактный номер: +584247435626

Адрес: Calle Miranda Carrera 2, Barrio Monseñor Eugenio casa 01-88

Страна: Венесуэла

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