Bangladesh Betar 88.8

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About Bangladesh Betar 88.8

Bangladesh Betar 88.8, the pioneering radio station focuses on reaching listeners across the country with programs meant for education, information and entertainment. This is a state owned radio media and also the largest electronic media of our country. Bangladesh Betar crafts their programs according to the need and taste of the people of Bangladesh. It has not only won awards and but also the hearts of millions of listeners across the country with their listener centric programs. Pleasing presentation of program is another commendable specialty of Bangladesh Betar 88.8. Live broadcasting of all sports events, News, Live broadcasting of the speeches of Head of the State and Head of the Government, all kinds of educational, informative and entertainment audio programs; enlistment of all kinds of interested artists of Bangladesh except dance.

Contact Details



Фейсбук: BangladeshBetar

Contact Number: 02-44813116

Address: 31, Syed Mahbub Morshed Sarani, Agargoan, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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