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Anime Fandom Radio is a web radio channel devoted to bringing Anime fans hours of extraordinary music and intriguing programming.
Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday @ 3PM, 8ВЕЧЕРА, & 3AM (Central Time)
Justus R. Stone, a writer and lifelong fan of anime, does weekly Light Novel reviews on his YouTube channel. We’re turning those videos into sound files (with permission) and bringing them to you as a weekly feature. The current plan is to play one review per week, but if you’d like that increased, let us know!
Wednesday 7:30PM to 10:00ВЕЧЕРА
A programming piece devoted to music from anime before the year 2000! A large portion of the playlist is from the 90s, yet we’re planning to go significantly additionally back soon!
Fridays 5:00AM to 11:59ВЕЧЕРА
A day devoted to those additional tracks that are incorporated with Anime OP and ED CDs. These tunes aren’t a piece of our standard playlist, so this is their day to sparkle. Go along with us for some extraordinary music you won’t hear again and again!

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Barrie, Ontario, Канада
L4M 6E9
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