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Saaral FM is an online radio station that plays Tamil songs, Telugu, and Hindi music. It is a part of Arani Saaral, a network of radio stations based in Sathupally, India. Its vision is to touch the hearts of listeners with its melodious songs and soothing music choice. This is the musical rain that refreshes your soul. Saaral Vaanoli is jam packed with class leading and engaging programs that listeners loves a lot. It has gained a healthy number of daily listeners for its programs. Feel free to tune into Saaral FM and start passing some great time with timeless music.

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Facebook: saaralfm

Instagram: saaralfm

Limba: Tamilă, Telugu, hindi

Numar de contact: +919951545135

Abordare: 4-49/2 Mallesam Gupta Road, Sathupalli. 507 303. Telungana.

PlayStore: saaralfm

genuri: Hits, Vorbi, Tamil songs, Various

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