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Religion DiL race All Together Without Color Distinction With Folk songs and Kurdish Zaza Halays and Local Melodies We will continue to walk with you Folk Friends on this path to existence The Newest Most Beautiful Folk songs from the Generation.
Folk songs that appeal to your face Radioyol The Most Beautiful Most Newest Emotion-Laden Folk songs we meet with you Valued Folk friends The Silent Voice of The Folk Songs RadioYol Silaya Hearttoe From Expatriates To Touch Your Whims TurkuLar Deyisler Always with you.

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Site-ul web: www.radyoyol.com

Facebook: RadyoY0L

Stare de nervozitate: radyoyol

Instagram: radyoyol

E-mail: cacoali02@gmail.com

Numar de contact: +905366963131

genuri: Turkish Folk

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