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Radio 8 Sarajevo with its program will refresh and beautify your day! With interesting guests and shows intended for current events and topics, the program of Radio 8, which is filled with quality and diverse music, will refresh and brighten your day! Enjoy celebrated and current domestic and world hits or let Radio 8 take you to some good, old times with the music of your youth. With Radio 8 you will be informed, optimistic, positive and always in a good rhythm!

Detalii de contact-

Site-ul web:


Facebook: Radio8Sarajevo

Stare de nervozitate: radioosam

Instagram: radio.8

Numar de contact: +387 33 584-050

Abordare: Mustafe Dovadžije br. 4 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia si Hertegovina

Țară: Bosnia si Hertegovina


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