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XEIE is a radio station in Matehuala, San Luis Potosi, transmits from us 1030khz of the amplitude band modulated with 5,000 watts of power, from its transmitter plant located in Sacramento Km 2.5. Its programming consists of an audience target for people between 16 și 56 years of age, it is a station with versatile music however its strongest genre, due to the preference of the people has been the group genre.

Detalii de contact

Site-ul web: www.oye105fmdigital.com

Facebook: OYE1055FM

Stare de nervozitate: stereo1030

E-mail: recepcion@stereo1030.com

Numar de contact: 4888820720

Abordare: Betancourt No. 401 Centro, 78700 Matehuala, S.L.P.Mexico

Țară: Mexic

Cerere: Oye 105 FM Digital App

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