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About Nostalgie Johnny Hallyday

Do you miss the voice and the charisma of Johnny Hallyday, the French rock and roll legend? If yes, then Nostalgie Johnny Hallyday is the radio for you! This is a radio station from Belgium that pays tribute to the late singer and actor, who died in 2017. You will hear all his greatest hits, from his early rock and roll classics like Souvenirs, Souvenirs and Laisse les Filles, to his later ballads. Nostalgie Johnny Hallyday is a radio station that celebrates the life and the legacy of Johnny Hallyday, who was one of the best-selling artists in the world, cu mai mult de 110 million records sold.



FaceBook: nostalgiebelgique

Stare de nervozitate: @NostalgieBE

Instagram: nostalgiebelgique

YouTube: NostalgieBE

Wikipedia: Nostalgie_Wallonie

Language: French

Contact Number: +32 2 227 04 50

Address: chaussée de louvain, 775, Evere, Belgium

PlayStore: nostalgie

AppStore: nostalgie-belgique

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