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About Nostalgie Dance 80

Nostalgie Dance 80 is a radio station from Belgium that plays the best of dance, disco and funk music from the 80s. This is the perfect option for anyone who loves to experience the rhythms and grooves that shaped a generation of dance music. It will bring you back to the golden age of disco and funk, and make you enjoy the artists and songs that made you dance. But Nostalgie Dance 80 isn’t just about music, it’s about the representation of a musical era. When you tune in, you’re not just listening to dance music, you are experiencing historic dance music from the 80s.



FaceBook: nostalgiebelgique

Stare de nervozitate: @NostalgieBE

Instagram: nostalgiebelgique

YouTube: NostalgieBE

Wikipedia: Nostalgie_Wallonie

Language: French

Contact Number: +32 2 227 04 50

Address: Chaussée de louvain, 775, Evere, Belgium

PlayStore: nostalgie

AppStore: nostalgie-belgique

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