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Our goal is to provide our listeners with exceptional content that will fit a wide range of specific interests and tastes. Whether you are interested in hearing informative, unbiased political discussions, listening to the newest Hindi and Punjabi music, or even receiving updates on the latest in sports and celebrity news, we have it here on our station. In addition to all this, we provide our listeners with a unique feature that is rarely offered by competitors: the ability to enjoy all of this riveting content all without commercials or ads. We wanted to allow our users to be able to have a constant stream of uninterrupted access which is why we have implemented this outstanding aspect to our station. On GT Road FM, you will never have to worry about your pleasure being constantly cut off by unexciting, irrelevant ads that ruin your experience. We strive to establish ourselves as the future of Indo – NRI radio.

Detalii de contact-

Site-ul web:



Stare de nervozitate: @Gtroadfm


Limba: Punjabi

Numar de contact: 416-615-2222

Abordare: 15 Strangford Lane Suite #108 Toronto, Ontario Canada.

Țară: Canada


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