Cadena Radio Lider Morillo

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This is Cadena Lider La Emisora Sin Fronteras Here you have the best 24 hours here you can enjoy the music you like Rock, reggaeton, cumbias, bachata, romantic, latin, pop, dans, urban music, rancheras, classics, quartet, tango, Lambada, chicha music, guarachas. To make the youth connected with the music world they decorate their playlist with songs that the youth will love.

Limba: Español

Numar de contact: +03878313174

WhatsApp: +5493878313174

Abordare: Stradă 9 de julio esquina Juan Domingo peron

Frequency: Coronel Juan Solá, 94.3 MHz FM

genuri: Bachata, Cumbia, Dans, latin, Pop, Ranchera, Reggaeton, Rock, romantic, Tango

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