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Relaks Radio Bangla is a radio station from Sylhet, Bangladesh. It broadcasts music, song, news, short video, comedy, entertainment, Bangla telefilm and more. It is a popular choice for listeners who want to enjoy a variety of programs in Bangla language. The Radio Bangla aims to provide quality entertainment and information to its listeners and promote Bangla culture and heritage. Relaks Radio Bangla plays a variety of Bengali songs from a wide of music genres, including folk songs, classical songs, and modern pop songs. If you are interested in Bangladeshi music, culture and entertainment, this is a great online radio.



FaceBook: RelaksradioTvBangla

Twitter: @relaksradiobangla

Instagram: relaks_radio_bangla

YouTube: Relaks_Media

Language: Bangla

Contact Number: 01704-840427

WhatsApp: +44 7582 473 473

Address: Relaks Limited,Nipobon Point,Shahaporan, Sylhet, Bangladesh.

PlayStore: relaks_media

AppStore: relaks_media

Genres: Entertainment, Music, News, Songs

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