Recuerdo 102.1 FM


About Recuerdo 102.1 FM

This is radio station Recuerdo 102.1 FM, broadcasting from Colima. They play rock, pop, and top40 music. with thousands of great tunes in their database, there is always something great to listen to. From time to time, they broadcast special shows featuring various artists. There’s enjoyment for everyone, so just sit back, relax and enjoy the music.

Website: Recuerdo 102.1 FM

FaceBook: Recuerdo 102.1 FM

Wikipedia: XHOMA-FM

Language: Español


Contact Number: +(312) 690 23 30

WhatsApp: +3126902330

Address: Avenida Ignacio Sandoval #1952 28017 Colima, Mexico

Frequency: Colima, 102.1 MHz FM

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