Rayo De Luz Radio


About Rayo De Luz Radio

Rayo de Luz Radio is a radio station from Spain that plays the best of Spanish music. It is a popular choice for listeners who enjoy the diversity and richness of Spanish culture and language. Some of the genres that it features are flamenco, pop, rock, salsa, reggaeton, and more. Rayo De Luz Radio presents musical programs featuring a blend of traditional Spanish melodies and contemporary hits, showcasing Spain’s diverse musical heritage, from flamenco to reggaeton, showcasing passionate rhythms and infectious beats. This is one of the best online radio from Spain to enjoy quality packed musical programs all day long.

Website: sites.google.com/rayodeluzradio

FaceBook: acerina.rayodeluz.5

Twitter: @radio_rayo

YouTube: rayodeluzradio

Language: Spanish

Address: Islas Canarias Tenerife, Spain

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