About Radio17

Radio17 is a student, an online radio station operating under the banner of the University of Science and Technology. Despite the fact that we are a student radio, our antenna presents music that hits almost every age group. We rely on the best-selling content, introducing the audience in a cheerful mood. We trendsetterami in the field of popular music, and our customers always have the first opportunity to see the latest singles top artists from Polish and foreign. The most recent music seasoned with a dose of current information from Cracow and the whole region, which are reported in programs such as Afternoon otherwise. Necessary summary of events for the day is while in the daily dose of news items issued in Radiu17 at 19:00. Music, culture and lifestyle interests of each of the listeners will satisfy a wide range of broadcast copyright, which can be heard from h. 20:00 until midnight. An important part of our antennas are contests with wejściówkami on current concerts and cultural events, vouchers for food, as well as prizes.

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