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80 went in Limburg lots of Free Radios? launched, including Free Radio Wellen. The chosen wavelength was 104 FM. The Butt brothers and Mike Miller were the pioneers, soon came Tommy and Paul van Loon Thoelen and Johnny Put at. A mailbox was opened to Kortessem and dialogue with listeners began. What started as a joke, it was day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, a historical fact. Originally aired tenhuize Butt, Zonneveldweg with the antenna placed on a stone’s throw from the new cemetery in Wellen. Was still looked for a new home in the illegality and thanks to the council we got housing in a former monastery, located right in the center of Wellen. A very tall building, ideal to place. antenna on In no time the group of employees was increased and got FREE RADIO WELLEN as eerste free radio in Limburg a license and was legally launched on 101.9. But not so long since our new wavelength 104.3 would finally be so WWC back was that of 104 megahertz from the beginning inseparable. The demolition of the Ursulines convent would be moved to a new destination that they found in the main street 25, a former boys’ school, which was made ​​available. By the municipal An antenna of 28 meters ensured that broadcasts the airwaves were . Nowadays Local Radio VRW still situated therein, and the WWC one of the few who were not absorbed by a commercial chain. The objective of local news and information broadcast is and remains the priority and complemented with music for all ages. ‘s latest innovations in technology and a large circle of friends make it possible even now it is trying to achieve. Other Wellense Radio, Radio RAW has now merged with radio WWC, so we are now 24 to 24 hours in the air, 7 days on 7 .. And listen to 104.9 MHz. since May 2004 in stereo and RDS Since October 2010 we are already 30 years. Radio VRW official website address is

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