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Radio Radio Vrbovec this region. Available to all classes and generations of listeners, which is adapted to our program orientation. His place in our program, which is broadcast on 94.5 MHz, are all that are willing to daily information from our end, good music and special programs.

This house is no longer a public institution, but since 1995, the company, company, firm, company …

Radio Vrbovec has its owners (e Urbino, municipalities, and the employees themselves) and them (the owners) are primarily interested in – profit business. So, the financial operations of the company is closely related to the market, which is bound to lead to the inevitable commercialization of the program and the overall business

Despite this cruel and globalized capitalist, market truth, worked Vrbovec sought all these years remain your – produces and broadcasts, what you are looking for the administration of our listeners. It’s getting harder to operate on this basis, which is recognized by the City and the municipality, and the extent and financial help in the realization of the overall program. This support through invoice is twenty percent of our total revenue. Others must find “on the street” …
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