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Radio Tooka independent media for Vanan Persian Persian language they understand. The main axis of Ethics Radio Tooka broadcasts rich framework based on the principles of truthfulness, honesty and professional at the same firm.

Radio Tooka to any government, party or not adhere to the principles of democracy and freedom of expression group, around a fan of any religion, belief, creed, ethnicity or race, as evidenced Dralamyh of Human Rights, is. shared values of tolerance and democracy that the basic principles apply.

Other axes of Ethics Radio Tooka, avoiding the baseless judgments separation of religious hatred, racial and ethnic, as well as the reliability and accuracy of statistical information is provided.

Since radio spectrum Tuka will cover a variety of audiences, Therefore making playback a variety of political, social, economic, sports, arts, literature and music are on the agenda of the media.

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Genres: Culture

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