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About Radio Stubica

Radio Stubica has been broadcasting since 1971. Today we broadcast daily from 0 to 24 hours on 95.6 and 106.9 MHz. With our signal we cover Hrvatsko zagorje and its surroundings and according to the data of the leading agencies for listening research, we are usually one of the most listened radios.
Today, Radio Stubica broadcasts over the Internet, as well as through a free application for smartphones, and is available to listeners throughout Croatia, and we also record a large number of listeners abroad.
In addition to the informative program, we are also known for our likable selection of music, but also for numerous shows of political, economic, educational, cultural, sports and entertainment content. Numerous companies, public and other institutions from the wider Zagorje and Zagreb area use Radio Stubica as a medium for advertising their products, looking for workers, informing about events and the like.

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FaceBook: radiostubica

Language: Croatian

Contact Number: +385 49 286 005

Address: Toplička 10/2 49240 Donja Stubica, Croatia

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