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Radio Porto Montenegro was launched in December 2022. This radio’s aim is to provide high-quality music in the areas of chill, lounge, dance, electronic, house, disco, and off-pop. This radio channel features world-renowned artists, DJs, and brand-new exclusive shows. Tune in to Radio Porto Montenegro anytime you like and enjoy the playful presentation of its day-long programs. Listen to the quality tune on this radio to accompany your day.


FaceBook: RadioPortoMontenegro

Instagram: radioportomontenegro

Twitch: radioportomontenegro

Language: Srpski


Address: Blaza Jovanovica No.1, Tivat

PlayStore: RadioPortoMontenegr

AppStore: RadioPortoMontenegro

Genres: Chill-Out, Dance, Disco, DJ, Electronic, House

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