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Radio Paulista Web emerged from Community Radio “Paulista FM” in a neighborhood on the outskirts of the East Zone of Sao Paulo, where a group of friends made programming for the love of the radio. However, as much as his efforts to legalize it were many, this was not possible, which caused it to be closed, thus ending many dreams. Today, some of these friends are ready to bring you lots of love and affection over the internet, as well as lots of music! Radio Paulista WEB are Playing Soul, Pop, Rock, Electronic, Blues and World music. They give you sounds like no-one else can.


FaceBook: Rádio Paulista Web Quem Ouve Nunca Esquece

Twitter: @rpwradioweb

Language: Português


Contact Number: +55 62 98320-6560

WhatsApp: +5562983206560

Address: São Rafael Park – São Paulo – SP

PlayStore: RPW – Rádio Paulista Web

Genres: Brazilian, Electronic, Pop, Rock

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