Radio Pantelleria


About Radio Pantelleria

Radio Pantelleria is the only broadcaster on the Sicilian Island of Pantelleria, dedicated to promoting the culture of the Pantelleria area, the marine resources, and the natural resources of the Black Pearl of the Mediterranean. A Chill-Out, R&B, easy listening, ambient airplay where the sound of the sea is an integral part of the programming 24 hours a day. Radio Pantelleria loves to give you more fun entertainment by means of audio and an internet connection. The musical vibe of its programs will take you on an exciting musical journey. Hear it, enjoy it, and live it.


FaceBook: pantelleriaradio

Twitter: @RPantelleria

Instagram: radiopantelleria

Language: Italiano

Address: Pantelleria, Sicilia, Italy

Frequency: 1557 kHz AM

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