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Like any self-respecting history, even in the history of Radio Black Gold Card, the plot is full of stories and memories between reality and legend, and every character that he tells his favorite anecdotes and variants. It is said that it all started years ago, a group of friends , in a wine cellar and a bottle of wine – obviously open – with someone who suddenly said:

Call it Radio Black Gold Card!

… Or something like that, but at that point the bottle apparently was already empty!

Someone ensure that there was no bottle of wine and it was beer , but there are those who are willing to bet that on that day there was nothing either to drink or to smoke *

Whatever the case, what is certain is that today our digital radio has grown so much! We were among the first to experience streaming when the Internet did not have it all still ** and many have found and still find today in our model the inspiration and motivation to do web radio: being together to make radio and make it listen more and more!

In the 70s many have started broadcasting in FM with a small antenna on the roof, we in ’00 we broadcast on the Internet with a small modem!

If initially transmissions were sporadic “when it happens” with a microphone connected to the least worst in the cellar, today the commitment of the people who work makes possible a steady improvement in the quality of programming and continuity of appointments coming to stream music 24/7 without advertising and live programs every week.

All the work we do is free , made ​​in the free time of all because we love music and we love to let you all hear!

Radio Nero Carta Oro official website address is

Genres: Alternative, Hip Hop, Reggae, Rock

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