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About Radio Max Coka

The sound from our waves arrives at the listeners across Banat – from Choke, through Novi Knezevac, Senta, Ada, Horgos and Kanjiza, all the way to Zrenjanin, Kikinda and Subotica.
Every day, over five million listeners are informed in the right way, with short voice segments of interesting leaders, ready to transmit news about most current events at any time. In addition to already well-known local content, Naxi Max offers you the opportunity to enjoy daily stories about interesting topics, with a dose of high quality humor and carefully selected topics, as well as inclusions from all over Serbia.
“Naxi National News” is the backbone of the news program of the country’s largest radio network and will broadcast every full hour. Apart from them, Serbia will be best informed about current topics from the country and the world.

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