Radio Manoeuvre By RFM


About Radio Manoeuvre By RFM

Radio Manoeuvre By RFM is a radio show hosted by RFM. It shows are hosted by Manoeuvr. He is a famous French journalist, critic, and writer who specializes in rock music. This is a French radio station that plays pop and rock music. Philippe Manoeuvre shares his personal playlist of songs from various eras. Also tells stories and anecdotes about the artists, albums, and the history of rock music. Radio Manoeuvre by RFM is for all the rock fans who want to discover new music, learn more about their favorite rock bands, and enjoy the passion and expertise of Philippe Manoeuvre.


FaceBook: RFMradio

Twitter: @rfmfrance

Instagram: radiorfm

YouTube: radioRFM

Wikipedia: RFM

Language: French

Contact Number: +(33) 01 47 23 24 00

Address: 2 rue des Cévennes, Paris, France.

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