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Radio Lumena is a private station broadcasting, which is governed by the principles of freedom, rigor and informative pluralism, independence, ethics and deontology, as well as the good faith of the listeners.
Its main objective is to in its activity, contribute to the most harmonious development possible of the environment where it is inserted, looking for that purpose, to intervene in a balanced way, in social, economic and cultural aspects.
In its programming focuses on a generalist content, without, however, disregarding other opinions, from minority backgrounds. However, refuse will always, dissemination of pornographic unequivocally or inciting to commit crimes and violations of fundamental rights messages.
The dissemination of information materials, obey always, the principle of distinction between news and opinion, confining itself in the first, the narration, relatedness and analysis of the facts, and in the second, clearly identify the perpetrators, but following the criterion pluralism.
Recognize the right of reply, in the legal conditions, to any person or institution whose good name and reputation can be considered affected by untrue facts or broadcast erroneous in its emissions.
It should contribute to public information, guaranteeing citizens the right to inform and be informed without hindrance or discrimination.
As part of its programming will seek to foster the exchange of ideas and the exercise of freedom criticizes among Portuguese. Defend and promote the Portuguese language.

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